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Helicopter services


At Heli Inter we developed the specialties of which you need an effective fleet of helicopters.

For several years, we worked in the mining exploration, the maintenance of electric lines, aerial photos, medical evacuation, police interventions, etc. We are ready to serve you according to your mandates and develop new possibilities. Here are our specialties:

  • Passengers transport

  • Transport by sling

  • Aerial photos

  • Medical Evacuation

  • Patrol and maintenance of high-tension lines

  • Forest fire fighting

  • Mining exploration

Passengers transport

Whether it is for personnel transportation to a work site or leisure flights, Héli-Inter offers a wide range of aircrafts able to accommodate up to 14 passengers.

Transport by sling

Héli-Inter possesses the aircrafts, equipment and experienced staff to bring to a successful conclusion all of your projects requiring transport of material by sling. Our helicopters can lift up and beyond 4,000 pound loads and put it down where needed with the utmost precision.

Aerial photos

For your professional or personal needs, Héli-Inter will be able to offer you a unique point of view giving you the possibility to capture the most amazing images.

Medical evacuation

When time is a determining factor, Héli-Inter joins forces with the rescue team to accelerate the evacuation of an emergency situation.

Mining exploration

If you need personnel transportation, sampling, Bird Towing, drill work (slinging), Héli-Inter has the necessary equipment and an experienced team to complete the work required by the industry.

Forest fires

Each year, Héli-Inter puts a big part of its fleet in the service of SOPFEU in Quebec, Ministry of Natural Resources in Ontario as well as in all other provinces of Canada to fight forest fires. The efficiency of our aircrafts, our equipment, joined with the knowledge of our highly trained staff contributes to protect our Canadian forests.

Patrol and maintenance of high-tension lines

closely for several years with Hydro-Quebec by transporting their team of surveillance and maintenance on its electric network between James Bay and the urban area or Quebec.

Be assured that when the city is paralyzed by a power failure, Heli Inter's aircrafts are working with Hydro-Quebec to correct the situation as soon as possible.

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