About Heli-Inter

About Us


Heli Inter is specialized in aerial taxi and madates requiring helicopters. Established by Mr. Benoit Allard in 1998 in St-Honoré's airport in the region of Lac St-Jean, the company quickly made an enviable reputation.

In 2002, Heli Inter moves to Malartic in Abitibi to meet the growing needs for transport to James Bay. From 2002 to 2004 the fleet grew from 10 to 19 aircrafts and grows once more its area of service. In 2006 our operating premises are renovated and expanded.



In 2010, Héli-Inter and Hélicraft merge to persue the adventure and move their head office to Saint-Hubert, Quebec. The group spreads its activities throughout Canada, and once more the facilities are reconfigured; growing from 14,000 sq ft to 26,000 sq ft and incorporate I-Service Center, a private maintance center.


Today, besides I-Service Center, Héli-Inter has a prominent position in the helicopter transportation field. The company takes pride in the quality of our pilots, our personalized service and our capacity to adapt to the demand.